Poster – Republican Pawnee Council


Retired Disney artist Ed French depicts a scene in which the Pawnee people greet Pike in north central Kansas.

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The Art

Completed about February 23, 2019, this painting depicts the Pawnee ceremonial war charge on Pike’s approach to the Republican River Pawnee village in southern Nebraska. Pike was to challenge their flying the Spanish flag over their village and had our 15 star- Star Spangled Banner flag replace it, indicating US sovereignty.              .

  • Medium: Ink
  • Surface: Card Stock
  • Size: 11″ x 14″
  • 1 poster

The Artist

Ed French is a former Disney artist, who has brought his enormous talent to depict extraordinary moments in American history, through the eyes of Zebulon Pike.

The Setting

Set on September 25, 1806- 3 miles south of the Republican Pawnee Village near today’s Guide Rock, Red Cloud, Nebraska and Mankato, Kansas.

Three to four hundred Pawnee conducted a ceremonial war charge to welcome Pike’s men and to receive Osage with Pike. Pike was to establish American sovereignty over the Great Plains (in a heated 3 day discussion) during the following week with the Pawnee, Osage and Kans Nations.