Pike’s 1st Expedition (Upper) Mississippi
1805 - 1806
Days - Up the Mississippi
Days - Down the Mississippi
Miles - Up the Mississippi
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Pike’s 1st Expedition (Upper) Mississippi

Pike’s 1st Expedition (Upper) Mississippi

The 1st Pike Expedition (upper Mississippi River) 1805-6

“The Mississippi – She’s a Mighty Big River” – Mark Twain

  • lasted 264 days (8/9/1805-4/30/1806)
  • traveled more than 2000 miles in, what would become, 5 of today’s states along the Mississippi
  • surveyed land for future American forts
  • remained 85 days at their stockade on today’s Zebulon Pike Lake
  • purchased land which is now Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • created a temporary peace among native Americans on the Mississippi including the Sioux
  • challenged the British in many areas now that they were on American soil
  • found the then headwaters of the Mississippi River

Designation of Pike Trail in States & Federally

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