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Pike's Expeditions Overview
Pike's Expeditions Overview

An overview is  available on the 1st and 2nd Expedition, early & later life can be found in the Education and Preservation section of this website.

Clicking this box will provide an overview of Pike’s two expeditions and his life.

Pike’s Route Maps
Pike’s Route Maps

Our Association uses modern maps and Pike’s Field Maps for the two expeditions. Click on this for these maps. 1st Exp. Field maps are with that collection.

Pike was an amazing cartographer- placing his maps on modern maps make them amazingly accurate. 

Modern Auto/Bike/Hike routes are published in our Route Books.

Pike by State / Region

This section is jam-packed about the 4 sections of Pike’s life.

  • Early Life, 
  • the Mississippi River expedition, 
  • the Southwest expedition, and
  • Later life leading to his heroic death

You can “Read more” or move to learn about Pike in a specific state. 

Historic Pike Sites
Historic Pike Sites

Pike is remembered with plaques, monuments, and exhibits all over the US and Canada. His name is remembered in locations like counties, Pikes Peak and the Pike National Forest. 

Included is a mix of images of

  • the sites Pike saw, and
  • the monuments you can see remembering Pike
  • It is a mini photo gallery

Many have been preserved and others sites are actively being investigated.

These are being collected to show Congress and State Legislatures that Pike was important and a National Trail should bear his name.

Zebulon Pike: Bibliography
Zebulon Pike: Bibliography

This list is specially for people who wish to dive into learning more.

Welcome research folks.

Pike Resources
Pike Resources

We have found several items for this section. We have found them to be very useful. 

For example: When we selected “Read more” on one of them we viewed a great video about Pike. 

This is the link:  and click on the video.