Pike National Historic Trail Association
How You Fit Into the Mission of the Pike National Historic Trail Association

We invite you to be part of the mission of the Pike National Historic Trail Association because you can provide a critical piece of grassroots support towards our #1 mission: the federal designation of Pike’s Route.

Did you know The National Park Service has been authorized by Congress to begin a feasibility study as a first step leading toward an official designation of the early 1800s Southwest exploration of the Zebulon Pike Expedition as a National Historic Trail?

Pike National Historic Trail Association
Federal Designation of the Pike National Trail Is Good For Your Community

Economic Value Federal designation of the Pike National Historic Trail means tourists coming to your community spending money.

Educational Value Schools and universities in your community now have new resources from which to conduct historical research and have fun learning state history.

Recreational Value with biking, hiking and driving the trail, families and individuals have a whole new outlet for outdoor recreation and travel in your state.

Research shows that Designation means a great deal for economies.

National trails bring people buying items and lodging!

People love to follow National Trails and to stay, eat and buy local items in communities along the way.

In 2017, a national Outdoor Recreation Economy Report released stated that outdoor recreation generates $887 billion in consumer spending annually.

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General Pike by Ed French

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