Poster – A Life Well Spent


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Retired Disney artist Ed French captures a sad moment in history, when Pike is caught in an explosion at the Battle of York. He later died on board a ship en route to Sacket’s Harbor, New York.

The Art

Completed January 27, 2020, this painting views from high above, General Pike is laying on the deck of the ship bringing him back to Sackets Harbor, New York. He and 1500 men had won the Battle of York (Toronto) on April 27, 1813.          .

  • Medium: Ink
  • Surface: Card Stock
  • Size: 11″ x 14″
  • 1 poster

The Artist

Ed French is a former Disney artist, who has brought his enormous talent to depict extraordinary moments in American history, through the eyes of Zebulon Pike.

The Setting

It was April 27, 1813. Brigadier General Zebulon Montgomery Pike fought his last battle on this day. He led 1500 men and 34 ships crossed Lake Ontario to victory against the British at Fort York during the War of 1812.

As the British retreated, they blew up their armory and a stone from the building struck Pike (and several other soldiers) in the back as they rested. Zebulon was 33 years old. He later died on board ship and his body was transported to Sacket’s Harbor, New York for internment.

Had he survived Pike might well have become one of our early presidents due to his intelligence, courage and leadership capabilities.

The scene here is painted from a perspective high above in the ship’s rigging.