Note Card – Pastel Portrait of Pike


Retired Disney artist, Ed French, created this rarely depicted left side view of General Pike’s head, in pastel, for those who have grown weary of just viewing Pike images, and would like their own.

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The Art

Created on 6/23/17, this beautiful pastel portrait of General Zebulon Pike should hang in every patriotic home in America. Pike was an efficient and loyal American who died for his country after winning the Battle of York in Canada.   

Did you know? The explorers of the early United States traveled, by definition, with a lack of solid information about the areas they were exploring. Pike was one of those explorers. His tenacity and strong leadership benefited him and his men in his assignments to explore the upper Mississippi headwaters and the American Southwest. He discovered the headwaters of the Mississippi, Osage, Cottonwood, South Platte and Arkansas rivers. He is considered the Father of the Santa Fe Trail. He gathered reconnaissance for the Battle of the Alamo and the Mexican-American War. Truly great achievements.

  • Medium: Ink
  • Surface: Card Stock
  • Size: 4 1/4” x 5 1/2”
  • 1 card with envelope

The Artist

Ed French is a retired Disney artist, who has brought his enormous talent to depict extraordinary moments in American history, through the eyes of Zebulon Pike.

The Setting

Pike joined the United States Army in 1799. Within the first year, he was promoted from Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant. In 1806, he was promoted to Captain, while he was on the southwest expedition. Pike rose quickly through the ranks, in the six years, after his second expedition, becoming a Brigadier General, during the War of 1812. This rare front facing portrait celebrates his glorious life.

”…shall it be said we died like brave men; and conferred honor, even in death, on the American name.” Brigadier General Zebulon Montgomery Pike

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 in