Collector Coin – Sand Dunes


The coin is a stamped penny depicting the Sand
Dunes, Medano Pass and the Sangre de Christo Mountains.

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Jan 27-29, 1807

Having just spent 12 miserable days in the Wet Mountain Valley, Pike and 10 men crossed Medano Pass on Tuesday, January 27th, to behold the beauty of the Great Sand Dunes, and the San Luis Valley.

John Sparks, Thomas Dougherty, and Hugh Menaugh were left because of frostbite in the Wet Mtn. Valley (to be retrieved later).

The party encamped the east side of the Dunes between the present day Visitor Center and Pinon Flats campground. Pike climbed to the top of the High Dune and gained a perspective of the layout of the valley including citing the Rio Grande River, Zapata and Mount Blanca.

In the next days they encamped near the base of Zapata Falls to maintain elevation, probably spotted steam above McIntire Springs (on the Conejos River) and headed there crossing the Rio Grande and building the famous Stockade.

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