Collector Coin – Ft. BelleFontaine & Ft. Claiborne


Coin collectors, this commemorative coin can be yours. It is a stamped penny depicting the starting point of Pike’s second expedition Ft. BelleFontaine to Ft. Claiborne in Natchitoches, Louisiana 350 days later.

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First Lieutenant Zebulon Montgomery Pike departed with 22 men from Ft. BelleFontaine (North of St. Louis) on July 15, 1806 to explore what would become seven Southwestern states (Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico in Texas) and three provinces of Mexico (Chihuahua, Durango. and Coahuila).

They returned 51 captured Osage Indians to their homeland in Southwest Missouri. He made peace among tribes on the Great Plains. They discovered the headwaters of the Osage, Cottonwood, South Platte and Arkansas rivers. They brought back valuable information about the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, and New Spain (today’s Mexico and New Mexico.) They did reconnaissance for the Battle of the Alamo and the Mexican-American war being the first American military observer to visit those areas after the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.

They returned to Fort Claiborne in Louisiana on June 30, 1807.

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