J. Brooke Mohan Jr.: NV
Brooke has long been in land sales in Nevada and is happy to aid in any way should a need be found in Nevada.
Dr. Leo Oliva: KS
Co-founder of the Pike National Historic Trail Association
Dr. Vince Novick: IL
Vince is an aeronautical engineer who worked for a number of years at Argonne National Labs near Chicago. He is especially talented in the use of computers and wishes to help in the dissemination of information about Zebulon Montgomery Pike. Vince loves working with gemstone and lives with his wife Adrienne in Downers Grove, IL.
Rex Rideout: Advisor
Rex has studied the trades and skills of the 19th Century [Scottish and German] for more than 25 years. His strongest interests have been in woodworking and metalwork with axes and other edge tools. He’s been involved in restoring and stabilizing many log buildings and other historic structures. Rex is also a longtime student of...
Tom Rollings: CO & Upper Arkansas Area
Tom is an expert on Pike, does a first person interpretation of Pike and has written a book about Pike’s damned rascals. One of his grandchildren has a middle name of Zebulon, indicating to many of us his (and his children’s) commitment to Zebulon Montgomery Pike.
Kit L Shy: CO & Wet Mountain Valley
Kit is a lifelong resident of the Wet Mountain Valley and a surveyor in the Valley. He is an expert on Pike’s expedition through the Valley. Kit was instrumental in the passage of the Pioneer Bill in the Colorado Legislature enabling the Pike Trail in Colorado to be a possibility. Kit was in charge of...
Kendra Smith: SD
Kendra Smith was born and raised in the Black Hills of SD where she resides today. She is the Sole Proprietor of a cabling business called Kendra’s Cabling installing cables for computers, telephones, Security cameras, etc. She enjoys camping, fishing, making music and history. She said “It is so fun researching and telling others about the adventures of the first...
Harv Hisgen, President
Delighted to share Pike’s Legacy
Linda Balough, 1st Vice President
“You go, General Pike.”
Mike Bandera, 2nd Vice President
Did you know- "Pike climbed 955’ up Pike’s Gulch out of the Royal Gorge."

Designation of Pike Trail in States & Federally

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