Poster – Hunting Camp on the Mississippi River


Retired Disney artist, Ed French, reminds us of the importance of nutrition on these expeditions, in this riveting hunt scene.

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The Art

Created on 9/13/18, this painting draws you into the hunt. Twenty-one men had to eat and many times they were desperate for provision. Elk were seen in huge populations here in Little Falls, along with herds of buffalo.

  • Medium: Ink
  • Surface: Card Stock
  • Size: 11″ x 14″
  • 1 poster

The Artist

Ed French is a retired Disney artist, who has brought his enormous talent to depict extraordinary moments in American history, through the eyes of Zebulon Pike.

The Setting

Northern Minnesota on Zebulon Pike Lake, part of the Mississippi River, south of Little Falls, MN. They spent 85 days here waiting for the river to freeze and then to thaw going home.

November 2nd: “Left camp with the fullest determination to kill an elk… We soon struck where a herd of 150 had passed. Pursued and came in sight … When they appeared, like an army Indians movie along in single file; a large buck, of at least four feet between the horns, leading the van … Shortly after saw three elk by themselves in the copse of woods.”

Sunday, November 3, 1805: “Passed many droves of elk and buffalo… Saw many droves of elk on both banks. About sunset saw a herd crossing the prairie toward us… I struck one of them behind the shoulder; he did not go more than 20 yards before he fell and died. This was the cause of much exultation, because it fulfilled my determination; and as we had been todays and nights without victuals, it was very acceptable.”