State Coordinators

 The Pike National Historic Trail Association Board and Coordinators is composed of persons who live in 22 states.

The Pike National Historic Trail Association State Coordinators and Advisors work, when asked, to provide information, and work with local and state offices to:

  • Gain support
  • Investigate portions of Pike’s route in their state
  • Discover for Pike Monuments, displays, plaques, etc. for our Pike inventory
  • Write about Pike
  • Investigate portions of our Auto, Bike and Hike routes

There are those who do not live in states where Pike did not travel: They stand by to help us with our National Designation Effort when needed.

NOTE: click on the photo, or the person’s name, to read their full bio.

  • Bradley S. Abramson: AZ
    State Coordinator
    Brad Abramson is Senior Counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom and lives in Cave Creek, Arizona.  Brad has two connections to Zebulon Pike.  First, Brad was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on land originally part of Pike’s Purchase – Zebulon Pike’s 1805 acquisition from the Sioux Nation of 100,000 acres at the confluence of the...
  • Betty Andrews: CA
    State Coordinator
    Betty worked for Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY for 40 years, all of her working life. In 1953 she requested a transfer to Los Angeles, California (no snow shoveling). She has traveled most of the world with her husband also a Kodak employee. Moving west she began to realize and visit the American Southwest. She...
  • Rod Bergen Moorhead: ND & MN – Western MN
    State Coordinator
    Rod lives on the border between North Dakota and Minnesota. He admires Pike’s tenacity during the winter on both expeditions and his steadfastness in standing up to the British at Cass Lake, MN.
  • Dr. Jill Ghnassia: PA
    State Coordinator
    Jill has taught English at the University of Hartford [Connecticut], has served as the Dean of the Honors College at Western Carolina University where she was a full professor of English. Her joys include writing, her students and grandchildren. She lives in Milton, PA. She has 4 sons and 3 grandchildren.
  • John Gurley: IL
    State Coordinator
    John is a retired supervisor of air traffic controllers. His interest in Pike stems from his realizing that Pike was a true committed American. He accomplished and influenced many things which we value today. Two exploratory expeditions and dying a Brigadier General for his country are admirable. Pikes values and loyalty to the United States...
  • Jim Greer: MN – Upper MN
    State Coordinator
    Jim found a Pike Monument along the Mississippi River in St. Cloud and is out finding more at Fort Riley on the Mississippi. He is honored to be associated with the Pike organization.
  • Ken Handley: MN – Eastern MN
    State Coordinator
    Ken is our Minneapolis/St. Paul Pike expert. Instead of using boats as Pike did, he rides along the Mississippi using his motorcycle investigating the Pike Mississippi Expedition and Pike’s purchase of the Minneapolis area from the Native Americans in September 1805.
  • Don Headlee: CO – Eastern CO
    State Coordinator
    Don taught Spanish and history for 34 years in Wichita, Kansas and Wheat Ridge CO, as well as at Regis University, Denver, and at Otero Junior College, La Junta, CO. He was responsible for Interpretive Programs at John Martin Reservoir for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as well as volunteering at Bent’s Old Fort,...
  • Becky Hoins: MO
    State Coordinator
    After moving back to Muscatine from Colorado, Becky enjoys riding her bicycle beside the Mississippi River to discover what Pike discovered in his Mississippi Expedition in Iowa.
  • Iva Kolstad: MT
    State Coordinator
    Iva is an avid about the Lewis & Clark expedition and has learned enough about Pike to feel as strongly about Pike. She has assessed the accomplishments of Pike and says Pike stands proudly with Lewis and Clark.
  • Judy Lee MacDougall: OH & KY
    State Coordinator
    Judy has been a nurse in the Cincinnati area most of her life. Early in Pike’s life, he commanded supply boats on the Ohio River from Pittsburgh to frontier forts. She has an interest in helping us with our efforts to make Pike better known along the Ohio where she lives.
  • J. Brooke Mohan Jr.: NV
    State Coordinator
    Brooke has long been in land sales in Nevada and is happy to aid in any way should a need be found in Nevada.
  • Dr. Leo Oliva: KS
    State Coordinator
    Co-founder of the Pike National Historic Trail Association
  • Rev. Dr. Roy Pike: ME & OK
    State Coordinator
    “Although I’m related to Pike, I enjoy that folks can learn more about Pike on this website.”
  • Dr. Vince Novick: IL
    State Coordinator
    Vince is an aeronautical engineer who worked for a number of years at Argonne National Labs near Chicago. He is especially talented in the use of computers and wishes to help in the dissemination of information about Zebulon Montgomery Pike. Vince loves working with gemstone and lives with his wife Adrienne in Downers Grove, IL.
  • Rex Rideout: Advisor
    State Coordinator
    Rex has studied the trades and skills of the 19th Century [Scottish and German] for more than 25 years. His strongest interests have been in woodworking and metalwork with axes and other edge tools. He’s been involved in restoring and stabilizing many log buildings and other historic structures. Rex is also a longtime student of...
  • Tom Rollings: CO & Upper Arkansas Area
    State Coordinator
    Tom is an expert on Pike, does a first person interpretation of Pike and has written a book about Pike’s damned rascals. One of his grandchildren has a middle name of Zebulon, indicating to many of us his (and his children’s) commitment to Zebulon Montgomery Pike.
  • Kit L Shy: CO & Wet Mountain Valley
    State Coordinator
    Kit is a lifelong resident of the Wet Mountain Valley and a surveyor in the Valley. He is an expert on Pike’s expedition through the Valley. Kit was instrumental in the passage of the Pioneer Bill in the Colorado Legislature enabling the Pike Trail in Colorado to be a possibility. Kit was in charge of...
  • Dr. Clive Siegel: TX
    State Coordinator
    Co-founder of the Pike National Historic Trail Association
  • Kendra Smith: SD
    State Coordinator
    Kendra Smith was born and raised in the Black Hills of SD where she resides today. She is the Sole Proprietor of a cabling business called Kendra’s Cabling installing cables for computers, telephones, Security cameras, etc. She enjoys camping, fishing, making music and history. She said “It is so fun researching and telling others about the adventures of the first...
  • Erwin Young: CO & SLV
    State Coordinator
    Erwin and Lynne Young moved from Post, Texas to Alamosa, CO in 1974 with their four children. Erwin learned of the (87° F) geothermal water resources in the San Luis Valley and he wanted to grow Tilapia, an African perch requiring warm water. In 1977 they purchased the 80 acre farm- now Colorado Gators Reptile...

Designation of Pike Trail in States & Federally

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