Pikes Peak Summit Plaque

Pikes Peak Summit Plaque

This plaque was installed in November 1906 and is found on the 14,114 foot summit of Pike’s Grand Mountain, now known as Pikes Peak.

It reads:

In recognition of the notable career of

Zebulon Montgomery Pike


The people of Colorado

have placed this tablet on the summit

of the Great Mountain first seen by Pike

November 15, 1806

General Pike was born in Lamberton

now Trenton New Jersey January 5, 1779,

died April 27, 1813, after a victorious attack on

York later Toronto, Canada,

buried at Madison Barracks New York.

This tablet commemorates the one hundredth 

anniversary of Pike’s southwestern expedition.

From Nov. 24-6, 1806 Pike, Robinson, Miller & Brown traveled from Pueblo to summit Mt. Rosa. Rosa was 13 hiking miles from & 1/2 mi. below Pike’s Grand Mountain. They had endured ruggid uphill climbing, 4’ of snow, -0˚ F & hunger.