Poster – Pike’s Men – Cotopaxi, Colorado


Retired Disney artist Ed French recreates the moment that Zebulon Pike realized that he and his men were traveling back to Cañon City and the Royal Gorge, instead of traveling along the Red River like he’d intended.

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Completed April 12, 2019, this painting depicts Pike and his men near the artist’s home in Cotopaxi, Colorado on what Pike called the Arkansaw River. Pike supposed this to be the Red River (found on the northern boundary of Texas) and completion of his third expedition assignment. It was actually the completion of his second assignment- the mapping and exploration of the headwaters of the Arkansas River.

  • Medium: Ink
  • Surface: Card Stock
  • Size: 11″ x 14″
  • 1 poster

The Artist

Ed French is a former Disney artist, who has brought his enormous talent to depict extraordinary moments in American history, through the eyes of Zebulon Pike.

The Setting

Zebulon Pike and all but two of the soldiers, who were in the ‘Cañon City’ stockade are shown here leaving their camp along the Arkansas River where Bernard Creek joins it from the north. It’s December 30, 1806 in the Rocky Mountains. The ice destroyed many horses and the party was forced to make sleds to carry their provisions and baggage.