Collector Coin – Pikes Peak


The coin is a stamped penny depicting the mountain named for General Zebulon Montgomery Pike.

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On November 26, 1806 Pike, Dr. Robinson and Privates Miller and Brown attempted to climb Pike’s “Grand Mountain.”

Expecting to return to our camp that evening, we left all our blankets and provisions, at the foot of the mountain. …We commenced ascending, found it very difficult, being obliged to climb up rocks, sometimes almost perpendicular; and after marching all day, we encamped in a cave, without blankets, victuals or water.”

They were the first Americans to attempt an alpine climb. They made it to the top of Mt. Rosa, a 11,504’ peak, fully viewed the Grand Mountain 14,115’ but were forced to turn back. On the return they camped in the cave Pike mentions on Mt. Rosa’s South ridge at 10,400’.

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